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And that someone is ME!

Hi, I’m Jennifer and I know how frustrating it is to have an angry, distracted, emotionally reactive teenager...

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I was one myself and now have two of my own.

I know that if I had someone to talk to when I was a teenager then I would’ve understood myself better, learned how to handle my emotions, and not felt so alone.

But being a teenager is so much harder these days with all of the electronic devices, instant gratification & the DRAMA created by

Social Media, Instagram, Snapchat...oof! 

Anxiety and depression symptoms in teens continue to rise significantly, and they need to learn coping skills now if they want to be a successful, healthy, functioning adult.


Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist



Understand what your teen is going through and how to support them.

Control your own emotional reactivity and expectations.

Improve communication and boundaries with your teen.

Strengthen your connection & enjoy your teen again.  


Make sense of their overwhelming emotions & learn how to manage them.

I have worked with teens and families for almost 20 years and really enjoy the challenges of this life stage.   

Prioritize and organize their lives, roles and responsibilities.  

Focus on their strengths & successes in order to motivate change.

Learn coping skills & tools needed to achieve a happy, productive life.

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