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Teenage girl playing a video game with a

Tired of telling your teen

over & over to get off their cell phone or video games?


Are you worried that your

teenager is struggling with

anxiety or depression?


I know how stressful it is for the entire family when your teenager

is disrespectful, angry, emotional and unmanageable.

You feel totally overwhelmed, wondering if your teen is

just sad or is it depression?

You feel anxious and helpless and now even more out of control

since the Covid-19 pandemic has changed everything. 


Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist



I know how hard it seems, 

you are not failing as a parent,

and it's okay to ask for help!

I will help you figure out what is going on with your teen and

give you both coping skills to change, manage or eliminate

the issues complicating your lives. 

 Call now for a free
15 minute consultation:

I am able to build rapport quickly with your teen and 

find solutions and tools they can use immediately to

stabilize their mood and behavior.

Teenagers can be reactive and impulsive and need to learn coping skills to manage their emotions.




How was your own childhood experience?

Are you repeating any dysfunctional family patterns?

It's tough to balance

life and all of its 

responsibilities and

sometimes we neglect 

our relationships at 

home or with family

or friends.


There is so much 

information on the

Internet..Here are some helpful resources that I trust and use frequently.

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